Will Your Breasts Get Sore from Exercise?
Will Your Breasts Get Sore from Exercise?
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Will Your Breasts Get Sore from Exercise

Exercise can be a source of pain for your breasts without the appropriate support. The movement and stress on your bust while you exercise usually result in pain coming from friction and displacement. This makes proper exercise gear important to have, as it is integral in support and care for your breasts during working out. Here is information to help you better understand how your breasts respond to exercise, so you can better avoid soreness during and after exercise.

Your breasts are not as simple as they seem – they provide nourishment to babies, and for this reasons they are filled with nerve endings to start milk flow, ducts to fill them with milk, and muscles and ligaments to support your suspended bust. This function typically makes them heavy, although they are still able to freely move as you exercise.

Then what causes breast pain? The pain you might be feeling during and post exercise is likely from either of these causes: (1) breast weight and movement (allowing free breast movement, like when you jump, usually translates to sore muscles and suspensory ligaments), and (2) friction between your nipples and workout gear/clothing, sometimes referred to as “runner’s nipple” and causes tenderness, rashes, and similar symptoms.

If you notice having tender, aching breasts after your exercise, you should stop exercising immediately to address the pain before it worsens. You may better relieve swelling – and numb the pain – by using an ice pack right away after your exercise. To make one, get a plastic bag and filled it with ice, or get a bag of peas, wrap it in a towel, and apply directly to your breasts.

In the first place, it is important to prevent exercise-induced breast pain. The key is wearing the right exercise clothing. A high-quality sports bra is a great investment against pain and discomfort as you work out. Get properly measured inside the store in order to get the right sport bra fit. You may also buy different sports bras for different endeavors, such as for running, yoga, Pilates, and dance classes. While trying the bra on, move around in different direction to ensure the fit and find out any friction.

If you still feel pain even after wearing the right sports bra, it may be best to consult your doctor and know the real underlying cause.

Certain quality herbal supplements, breast creams, and gels are targeted not only for natural breast growth, but also for additional breast care and support. Their nourishing properties can help your breasts stay full, perky, and young-looking. Ask your doctor before therapy, especially if you have an existing medical condition.

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