Will Yoga Work as a Breast Enhancer?
Will Yoga Work as a Breast Enhancer?
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Breast enhancement? There’s the ever-popular breast implant surgery, where silicone implants are all the rage. For those who want to go down the “natural” route, however, there’s diet and a number of breast enlargement products that come in supplement, gel, or cream form.

But have you ever thought of yoga as a powerful breast enhancement technique? You just might be surprised at the results over a certain period of time!

The Truth About Breast Enlargement Is…

Increasing your breast size after age 18 would be really difficult to do. Your breasts are made of fat cells, glands, and ducts –not any muscles. They are backed by a fine tissue network, and they lie over your pectoral muscles, or the pectoralis major and pectoralis minor.

What you can do to make your breasts look bigger and fuller is to exercise your pectorals. This can bring about wonderful results over a period of time.

Breast enlargement surgery, on the other hand, is most sought-after for these big, full, and firm breasts that are a subject of attraction and envy. Fortunately, they’re no longer the only option you have: you can exercise your way to natural breast enlargement! How about some yoga session?

Yoga and Exercise as Natural Breast Enhancer

You may start off with a simple exercise. Follow these easy steps:

  1. Stand straight, facing a wall.
  2. Place your palms against the wall. Press forcefully against it.
  3. Hold the pose for 20 seconds, as a strong pressure will build up in your chest region.
  4. Do this 10 times daily. Regularly practicing it tones up the pectoral group of muscles efficiently.

Benefits would take a relatively longer time to show, but rest assured that when done right, exercise is a highly safe and recommended technique for enhancing your bust size. Noticeable results can be seen in about six to eight months, and they are for the longer term and for your overall wellbeing and safety.

Another technique you may explore is yoga – the prayer pose remains one of the most highly doable moves for natural breast enhancement. Follow the steps below.

  1. Stand erect.
  2. Fold your hands in front of your chest in a prayer position.
  3. Inhale and press your palms forcefully against each other, a pressure being felt in the region of your chest.
  4. Count up to 20.
  5. Exhale and release.

Do three sets of this yoga exercise daily. Word has it that yoga asanas – for instance the Bhujangasana and Gomukhasana – work marvelously on your breast area and make the muscles of your chest firm and tone.

Do this yoga technique daily for three months to see results! Your pectorals get toned up quite well, helping make your breasts look fuller and more attractive. An estimate of one or two breast cup sizes higher can be made, and you will be surprised at how your clothes and swimwear fit you better this time around.

You may use these exercises along with herb-based pills, gels, or creams that tout breast results within weeks to a couple of months of regular use. There are synergistic effects in doing this combination, along with secondary benefits like easy relief and comfort from harsh PMS symptoms. Believe it or not, even your libido is said to be helped enhanced by certain products! Do further research to get the best one out there.

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