Will Wild Yam Help in Breast Enhancement?
Will Wild Yam Help in Breast Enhancement?
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A common ingredient in breast enhancement cream and pill products, wild yam has plenty of traditional uses and benefits. Find out more about this herbal component, and if it’s one to be integrated in your pro-breast growth regimen.

Natural progesterone supplements help balance estrogen. Nature’s very own progesterone has a similar structure like that of human progesterone, and it is produced from plant fats. Included in such kind of fats is diosgenin, which is found abundant in wild yam. In fact, wild yam is so plentiful in diosgenin that it is known to be the most popular source of the said natural progesterone.

Many breast enhancement formulas in pill, gel, or cream form usually contain wild yam – they are applied directly to your breasts as a lotion or regularly ingested as a supplement. Once wild yam is accumulated in your breast tissue, it helps in making fat cells bigger, thus adding fullness and a remarkable roundness to your bust. However, remember that there is a certain limit to how these breast products increase breast size. Additionally, the projected increase also depends on the number of fat cells present.

Wild yam has been used for centuries for a lineup of ills even before the natural breast enlargement benefit has been discovered. But here’s a summary of wild yam’s breast-enhancing benefits:

  • After phytoestrogens get into blood flow, they induce milk estrogenic effects. They invite cell receptors that they lock on to, barring real estrogen from creating substantial and often adverse effects. This is how wild yam cream is expected to provide benefits to women suffering from PMS symptoms, menopausal pain and discomfort, cramps, and related issues.
  • Wild yam can be added to your regimen whether you are looking into maintaining hormone balance or adding fullness to your breasts. However, results that have been reported vary and largely depend on your actual hormone levels. For best results, these wild yam-infused breast creams are usually used in conjunction with additional supplements for better results.

But take note that there are other breast-enhancing herbs and ingredients that support natural breast enhancement. They include fenugreek, considered the oldest medicinal herb in the world, and serves various functions that include salads (leaves), curry flavoring (seeds), and increase in breast size (extract). These formula also contain saw palmetto, a berry used in different forms: ripe, ground, or dried. It is also available as a tablet, capsule, liquid extract, tea, or an infusion, and is best taken according to your preference.

When using breast enhancement products, it is best to talk to your doctor, especially if you have an existing medical condition. Always research, too. For synergistic effects, combine supplementation with breast growth-enhancing foods, exercises, and breast massage.

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