Why Is Silicone Used for Breast Implants?
Why Is Silicone Used for Breast Implants?
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Breast implant surgery, although the most expensive and invasive in the breast enhancement options out there today, is still opted by a number of women. Understandably so, because it is quick to be done and you will not have to wait for weeks or months to see results. Perhaps the most important component of breast implants is silicone. Here are some things you need to know about this popular material for breast growth.

Next to oxygen, silicone is the second most abundant element on Earth. Silicones are a family of chemical compounds made of silicon, a naturally occurring element that can be found in rock, sand, and quartz. Mix silicon with oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon, and you get silicone as the end product.

Silicone can be made into a range of forms. Oils, for instance, are made out of low molecular weight silicones, while gels are formed by middle molecular weight ones. Elastomers and rubbers are made of high molecular weight ones.

Silicone is used in many types of implants, including for the face, artificial joints, and drainage systems. It is not only used in breast enhancement, but also in implants situated throughout every part of the body. For example, it has been used to:

  • Fashion catheters used for purposes ranging from drug delivery to cardiac monitoring
  • Construct heart valves and other cardiovascular prostheses
  • Perform certain functions in dentistry
  • Facilitate nerve regeneration
  • Act as a prosthesis or ingredient in prostheses for different parts of the skeletal system
  • Act as a tissue expander
  • Serve as a cosmetic agent for scar and wrinkle potential treatment
  • Be useful in the ear, nose, throat, and respiratory tract

There are silicone breast growth implants that have three shell layers surrounding the silicone gel to reduce the amount of gel bleed. However, this makes the implants quite firmer than they were a couple of years ago, and this is attributed to the thickness of the shell. Today’s silicone implants are said to be very soft and feel natural.

A silicone breast enhancer is already pre-filled. This means that there is no fill needed to be added. An actual disadvantage, though, to this pre-filled implant is that the incision needs to be quite longer, depending on the size of the implant to be inserted.

Textured silicone and gummy bear silicone implants are an example. They are firmer, and they require a longer incision because the shell is textured.

Here are two general steps done during silicone implant surgery:

  1. A generous pocket is created for the implant in a plane either deep to the breast on the pectoral fascia or beneath the pectoralis major and/or serratus fascia.
  2. The implant is inserted, and the incision closed.

Risks of the surgery and anesthesia include infection, bleeding, change in nipple sensation, malposition (hyposensitivity or hypersensitivity), poor healing, anesthetic accidents, and other complications. But these are not isolated to breast implant surgery, since these may also occur in other types of procedure.

If surgery is out of the question, another breast enhancer you can choose are breast growth pills and creams that are composed of active herbal ingredients that have estrogenic properties and other qualities to help you achieve bigger, fuller, and firmer breasts.

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