Why Do You Have Underdeveloped Breasts?
Why Do You Have Underdeveloped Breasts?
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There can be a number of different things that you can call underdeveloped breasts, such as small or hypoplastic breasts. There are people who consider breast size an insignificant part of our bodies, but there are women – possibly including you – who experience complications and personal issues regarding their small breast size. Here’s the thing: underdeveloped breasts can be because of one of several reasons.

First, learn to identify your own breast size. Your clothes can cover up your real size, but there are times when the effects of underdeveloped breasts are most evident, such as following pregnancy. You may see very narrow breasts, as well as those lacking normal fullness. Additionally, there may be noticeable swelling on or around your nipples.

Here are some potential causes of underdeveloped breasts:

  • Genetics
  • Malnutrition
  • Dangerously low body fat

Among new mothers, there could be that inability to produce any milk, or only a limited ability and small milk amounts. This can be the result of a smaller number of milk glands in your breast. Underdeveloped breasts can, in fact, make women unable to breastfeed their child at all, which is a disappointment to many new mothers. Furthermore, small breasts can strongly impact self-worth, especially among adolescents.

These are the very case and consequences that lead women to seek breast enlargement solutions, among the most common of which are breast implants. While implant surgery offers both cosmetic and social perks, it does nothing to boost your milk-producing capacity and does not work to improve the probability of you providing milk to your baby.

Alternative to surgery include breast enhancement pills, which combine several different herbal and nutrient components and cause breast growth over time.

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