Why Do You Get Sudden Breast Growth?
Why Do You Get Sudden Breast Growth?
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Have you ever wondered how the size of your breasts changes at various phases and events of life? Sudden breast growth can occur more commonly in women, but it can happen to you as well if you are a man. The growth could either be a growth spurt, or the symptom of an underlying medical condition. Here are some factors why sudden breast growth takes place and what you can do when it happens to you.

Puberty and Pregnancy

Puberty is a very basic factor in sudden growth of breasts. The genera age for its onset is 11 years old for girls and 12 years old for boys. At ages 11 to 16, girls may see the largest breast size growth. Puberty in girls, too, can cause breasts to grow a full size in a very short span of time, with one possibly growing faster than the other. Breast development can be better discussed by a qualified healthcare provider.

Another reason for sudden breast growth is pregnancy, where the bust can grow up to full cup size during the first few weeks. It could reach up to three cup sizes throughout the whole pregnancy period. Your breasts should, however, go back to normal after pregnancy and after the baby is weaned, although there are times when the breasts will stay larger than in pre-pregnancy.

Health Conditions

Inflammatory breast cancer, although rare, could be one factor for sudden increase in breast size. Cancerous breast can become inflamed and undergo abnormal growth. Common symptoms of breast cancer include swelling, redness, and tenderness to the touch. But you’re wrong if you think it happens only in women – it can also afflict men. Breast cancer incidence is influenced by a mix of nutritional, environmental, and social factors.

Another health condition that can cause sudden breast growth – but only occurs in men – is gynecomastia, which is attributed mostly to hormone imbalance. It usually occurs in pubescent boys, but can also occur in adulthood, when it tends to stay longer. The older a man gets, the less testosterone he produces, causing weight gain. This sometimes also incites glandular tissue to grow and fatty tissues to accumulate under the breast. Gynecomastia usually resolves itself, up to a period of two years, but is addressed using supplementation or surgery because it is a source of discomfort and embarrassment.

It is important to understand how your breasts develop before introducing any form of natural breast enhancement technique. Talk to your doctor if you see a sudden breast growth or want to introduce any form of breast augmentation.

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