What to Known About Breast Lift Surgery
What to Known About Breast Lift Surgery
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What to Known About Breast Lift Surgery

Breast lift is another popular breast enhancement surgery, and is also known as mastopexy surgery. It raises and firms the bust area to address unsightly sagging and related conditions. It is performed by removing excess skin and then tightening the surrounding tissue for a needed breast reshaping and contour support. Find out more about this breast procedure and how supplementation may also provide supporting benefits over time.

Know that your breasts change over time. With aging they can lose their youthful appearance, firmness, and gorgeous contour. The loss of skin elasticity and the various changes that manifest can be brought about by different factors, including pregnancy, lactation, weight gain, weight loss, gravity, and genetic factors.

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Here enters the benefits of breast lift, which is done to rejuvenate the breast profile and to decrease areola enlargement, too. However, note that it cannot directly cause an increase in breast size, or cause to round out the upper breast. For fuller, bigger breasts, breast lift can be done along with breast implantation. If you want to remove excess, burdensome breast tissue, you can combine breast lift with breast reduction surgery.

You can be considered a good candidate for breast lift if you are generally healthy, within the ideal weight range, and does not smoke. You should have good lifestyle habits. Above all, you should be convinced that you need to address breast sagging through the procedure to obtain a flatter, elongated bust area. Breast lift is also good for those with nipples that fall below the breast crease when unsupported. Nipples and areolas point downward, areolas are enlarged, and there is stretched skin.

Choose a qualified, experienced cosmetic surgeon to perform breast lift operation. He or she will evaluate your medical status and identify any health problem that needs to be treated first. Breast examination will be performed, as well as laboratory tests. A baseline mammogram will be conducted as well before and after surgery to take note of changes in the breast tissue.

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