What to Expect After Breast Augmentation
What to Expect After Breast Augmentation
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Breast augmentation is not a rare or uncommon procedure – many women have had their breasts surgically enhanced, and more and more today are entertaining the possibility of getting breast implants. In fact, the majority of breast augmentations come in the form of breast enhancement through saline or silicone implants. The benefits are astounding, including instance enlargement and improved self-image. But there’s the other side of the equation, which is the range of negative factors. Get to know more about this operation.

The Lineup of Benefits

This cosmetic procedure instantly provides enlargement, unlike other methods that may take time to work or show noticeable results. It benefits your confidence and self-image if you are looking to improve your appearance. It is a highly personal procedure, and its effects could be life-changing.

For cancer patients who seek breast reconstruction, breast augmentation can lighten the blow of no longer having breasts – it compensates for a loss of a piece of the female body. It also addresses symmetry issues for those who have natural breast deformities.

The Downside and Other Considerations

Beware of the potential side effects and issues, though, that come with breast augmentation surgery. Implants may rupture or deflate for different reasons, including overfilling at time of surgery, capsular contracture, or aging of the implant. This is why breast implants do not last a lifetime – they entail repeat procedures.

And there is no specific time frame for the rupture or deflation to take place. However, there are noticeable signs you have to look out for. Augmented breasts may appear uneven, smaller, or feel painful or burning. Knots may also develop in it. When there is rupture that is not readily observable, an MRI or magnetic resonance imaging is required to see if implant leakage has already occurred.

Another serious potential after-effect of breast augmentation is infection. You are at risk for infection as a post-surgery patient, and antibiotics may not be enough to treat certain infection type. In severe cases, implant removal is necessary.

Experts also warn of hematoma or blood collection around the breast implant. It may become serious and entail medical intervention to locate the source of bleeding. Other less serious potential effects include breast pain from healing, as well as dissatisfaction due to false or unrealistic expectations from the surgery.

Final Thoughts

All these things make it important for you to speak to your surgeon about the possible outcomes of surgery. This will help you have better goals and expectations of the procedure.

If you are not keen on a costly, invasive operation, explore natural herbal alternatives, such as a natural breast enhancement product that will provide the herbs and nutrients to help facilitate breast growth over time.

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