What Causes Breast Growth?
What Causes Breast Growth?
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Have you ever wondered why breast growth occurs? Breast growth is actually a normal part of girls’ and women’s growth and development. Initially occurring in puberty, it may recur throughout your life because of certain stages like pregnancy, breastfeeding, and weight gain.

Breast size has become the reason for a number of image-related issues for women, and learning what makes these lady blossoms grow can help you accept your breast size for what it is.

Here are some significance of breast growth in women:

  • It plays an essential role in body image of many women
  • It has launched a multimillion industry of breast implants, bras, and breast enhancement pills and creams, which are a feature of modern pop culture and fashion
  • When occurring rapidly or suddenly, it can bring unwanted effects such as back pain and other physical and psychological problems, e.g. women would want breast reduction
  • In rare instances, it can signal an underlying medical condition, such as a tumor or hormonal imbalance

A majority of the breast growth occurring in a woman’s life can be explained by fluctuations in the hormone estrogen. For one, breast development in girls start when the ovaries mature, releasing estrogen. Breasts grow larger and rounder from there because of the fluctuating hormone levels. Additionally, breast growth can occur from menstruation due to water retention.

The use of oral contraceptives containing estrogen is another factor in breast growth.

Do you also wonder why your breasts tend to grow bigger when you gain weight? Breasts are composed mainly of fatty tissue, which makes them susceptible to growth when they’re weight gain. The growth, however, will vary individually and can occur in men as well.

Pregnancy is also a factor, since it causes hormone changes rather than simple weight gain. When you breastfeed, you also continue to experience breast changes in size and shape, along with the increased manifestation of sagging and stretch marks.

Here’s what you should know: breast size is mostly genetically determined and is unchangeable, unless you are driven to use breast enhancement methods such as implant surgery. But you can prevent unwanted breast growth by balancing your diet and exercising regularly. You may also use exercise to address sagging and lack of firmness, strengthening your chest wall through routines like pushup and weightlifting.

Keep posted for more breast enhancement news and reviews that can aid you in smart decision-making.

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