Tips for Taking Care of Breast Skin
Tips for Taking Care of Breast Skin
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Tips for Taking Care of Breast Skin

Part of optimal breast care is taking proper care of the skin surrounding your breast area. This area becomes dry and itchy if you are neglectful, and there could be signs and skin changes such as redness, scaling, dimples, and lumps as signs of an impending problem. These symptoms could also signify the presence of conditions such as breast cancer, so you should be vigilant about the appearance of your breasts and the skin around.

Here are five ways you can regularly take care of breast skin:

  1. Perform regular breast self-examination (BSE) – This is best done monthly, looking at the skin to see any chances that have taken place since the last time you checked. Massage your breasts using your index fingers as you lie on your side. See if there is any lump or firm area beneath the skin surface. Do the test for both breasts, and consult your doctor for anything weird or unusual.
  2. Wear a bra with the right fit – Request to be measured the next time you go shopping for bra and undergarments. A bra that does not fit well can irritate and affect your breasts, so know your exact measurement. For back size, measure under your breasts, and then around them for the cup size.
  3. Consider reducing your bath or shower time – Long, hot baths and showers can put your breast skin at a disadvantage, drying it out and removing its natural protective oils. Limit bath time to no more than about 15 minutes, using only warm water.
  4. Use a moisturizer after showering to lock in moisture – While your breast skin is still slightly wet, pamper your skin with a moisturizing product. The skin should receive a generous amount of the product, preferably natural, organic, or fragrance-free.
  5. Use mild soap in washing your bras and other clothing items – Harsh chemical detergents and ingredients used in these products have direct contact with your breast skin, irritating it as a result. You can also opt for specially formulated lingerie washes if you can find them.

Know that just like in taking care of your breast skin, choose a safe, natural, and effective breast enhancement technique, and not just anything peddled on the Internet. Think of this whether you are seeking one in pill, cream, or gel form.

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