Silicone for Breast Implantation
Silicone for Breast Implantation
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Breast implant surgery is the most invasive and expensive known method in breast enhancement today. Despite its limiting price and invasive nature, implants are still widely sought out because it is done quickly and results are seen immediately. Its most important component is silicone – read on to find out more about this popular material for breast growth.

Silicone is the second most abundant element on Earth, next to oxygen. It comes from a family of chemical compounds made of silicon, a naturally occurring element found in rock, sand, and quartz. Silicone is the end product when you mix silicon with oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon. It can be made into a range of things, including oils (low molecular weight silicones) and elastomers and rubbers (high molecular weight).

Silicone is fashioned into many types of implants, including those for face, artificial joints, and drainage systems. Other uses include:

  • Breast enhancement
  • Catheters used for drug delivery and cardiac monitoring, to name a few functions
  • Facilitating nerve regeneration
  • Tissue expansion
  • Cosmetic agent for scar and wrinkle potential treatment

Silicone implants usually have three shell layers surrounding the silicone gel to reduce the amount of gel bleed. This makes the implants firmer than they were some years ago, owing to the shell thickness. Silicone implants today are believed to be very soft and natural-feeling.

Despite the instant results, there are risks associated with breast implant surgery, including poor healing, anesthetic accidents, and bleeding and infection. But know that these risks and complications may occur not only in breast implants, but also in other procedures.

Since silicone implants are expensive to avail and require some amount of downtime and emotional investment, you may explore about breast-enhancing technique, such as the use of breast enhancement pills and creams that contain active herbal ingredients with estrogenic properties. They may help you achieve fuller, bigger, and firmer breasts – longer than you would compared to surgery, but will less invasive nature.

It is important that you choose a product backed by a reputable manufacturer following rigorous quality standards. Remember that your safety always outweighs any potential benefit from these products.

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