Saw Palmetto Benefits for Breast Enlargement
Saw Palmetto Benefits for Breast Enlargement
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Saw palmetto is considered to be among the few ingredients today that can work toward breast enlargement. A number of women today choose to go down the natural route when it comes to increasing their breast size, and so these fruit and herbal extracts are becoming one of the natural solutions to turn to. Breast enhancement products are surely never in short supply of this fruit (and its extract) for its wonderful properties for a bigger, fuller bust.

Let’s take a look at what makes up saw palmetto, how it is traditionally used, and what kind of breast enlargement products you can find it in.

Basic Saw Palmetto Facts

The fruit Serenoa repens is saw palmetto itself, and its extract is rich in certain fatty acids and phytosterols. It is traditionally used to may help with a range of health conditions, and these benefits have been recorded in the traditional, alternative, and eclectic arenas of medicine.
Traditional medicine has plenty of stories to tell about saw palmetto. For example, the Seminoles used the berries as an expectorant and antiseptic. American Indians, on the other hand, used the fruit for food, along with as potential treatment of reproductive and urinary function issues. The Mayans weren’t left behind, drinking it as tonic.

Here’s a quick list of traditional saw palmetto uses:

  • As a tonic
  • Reducing prostate
  • Stimulating appetite
  • Easing painful menstrual cycles
  • Helping underdeveloped or small breasts
  • Helping infertility in women
  • Increasing lactation

Will Saw Palmetto Increase Breast Size?

There isn’t anything in the modern scientific literature yet that believes we should definitively answer “yes” to this question, and there isn’t any government-approved used of saw palmetto yet for breast enhancement. But history has seen many uses of saw palmetto and other organically grown herbs and plants for this purpose. Folk wisdom dictates that it has its used for achieving a bigger bust size.

This is why saw palmetto is included in many breast enhancement products at present, including capsules/tablets, tea, and natural berry.

How saw palmetto does this is it:

  • Inhibits DHT
  • Is noted to stimulate the production of prolactin, a promoter of milk production in lactating mothers
  • Generally promotes an increase in breast size

Results of saw palmetto use (perhaps through supplementation) are expected within 30 to 60 days. The results can be noticeable, though, for some users after almost a year.

There is no fixed dose recommendation when it comes to saw palmetto use, but you may start off by using 160 milligrams of 85 to 95 percent extract twice daily. The dose may be increased as necessary, although you should ensure that you don’t exceed the guidelines provided by the manufacturer.

The good news is that although there have been reported saw palmetto side effects, nothing severe or life-threatening has been noted yet. Of course, you would experience swelling of the nipples, or maybe a fullness and firmness in your chest sometimes. You may also possibly gain weight. At any rate, the effects will vary from one person to another; there’s no universally experienced effect.

Should You Use Saw Palmetto?

Like with any other ingredients that have estrogenic properties, it is with caution that you should proceed with saw palmetto use. Safety always outweighs any benefits that you may potentially reap.

Talk to your healthcare provider, too, to follow the safest and most effective therapy for bigger, fuller breasts.

Of course, research will never be a bad thing – read up on customer testimonials and review of saw palmetto products, or those brands that have it as one of its major ingredients. You can do this over the Internet before you may any purchasing decision.

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