Reasons Why Your Breasts Stop Growing
Reasons Why Your Breasts Stop Growing
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Have you ever wondered what causes your breasts to grow – and altogether stop growing at a certain age? Here’s a quick look at this. When you hit puberty, estrogen is released into your body, and your breasts begin to grow. This has the tendency to coincide with the start of menstruation. Your breast tissue then expands.

Breasts grow for around five to six years and usually stop growing when you reach age 17 or 18. Natural breast growth stops this way. There are some factors, however, that can affect your breast size apart from puberty. Here are three of them:

  1. Diet and nutrition – There are cases where maintaining a poor dietary status can cause your breast growth to be delayed. Vitamin deficiency, for instance, causes the proper hormones to not be released and as a result, halt breast growth. However, you can easily address this by adopting a healthier, more balanced diet.
  2. Genetics – Heredity causes your breasts to stop growing as well. For starters, it determines how your breasts grow. But this doesn’t mean you are a complete mirror image of your mom – when your hormones shut off the signal to keep breast growth going, they stop growing! It’s either your breasts resemble those of females in your family, or they don’t at all. But look at your grandma’s or aunts’ for reference; their size is likely to be close to yours.
  3. Hormones – Hormones fluctuations can cause your breasts to also stop growing, and the news is that these fluctuations happen throughout your life. Although your breasts stop growing at age 18, for instance, they can undergo natural breast enlargement again during your pregnancy. After breastfeeding, they stop increasing in size, and then shrink. Similarly, using contraceptives can cause temporary bust enlargement until you stop using pills, at which time your breast size decreases and growth is stopped once again.

But there is a way that you can help naturally help grow breast tissue, and it is a traditionally practiced and celebrated one. It’s herbal supplementation, where a number of herbal extracts – like saw palmetto, kelp, damiana, fennel seed, fenugreek, and many more – are combined with nutrients to assist in natural breast enhancement over a period of months to a year. These extracts have phytoestrogenic action to incite the effects of natural estrogen in your body. Additional benefits include relief of menstrual symptoms and enhanced female libido or sex drive.

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