Natural Ways to Enhance Women’s Libido

Natural Ways to Enhance Women’s Libido
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Aside from the subject of breast enhancement, there’s the issue of women’s libido or sexual desire. There are products that promise better sex drive for women, just like there are breast enhancement pills, creams, and gels. These are used to enhance libido despite the many challenges in intimacy, including excess stress.

You may want to start with your diet if you’re eyeing increased libido. These libido-enhancing herbs and ingredients have been shown to traditionally work, but it’s best to consult your health care provider for best results.

  • Fenugreek. This Mediterranean herb is not just highly useful in Indian curry powder or for helping increase breast size over time. Its estrogenic compounds may also help improve your libido – it is believed to increase arousal, libido, and lubrication, which makes sex a lot more comfortable.
  • Garlic. The allicin in garlic improves blood circulation and has blood pressure-lowering ability. It therefore helps improve the blood flow to your genitals. This common cooking ingredient also increases your energy and stamina, which (along with its taste) is a strong case for liberally using it in the food you eat. For instance, the Italians love garlic and add it generously to their pasta sauces Furthermore, they’re known to be great lovers as well!
  • Mint. Mint offers not just an interesting flavor. It has also been historically used to inspire lust. Did you know that Hippocrates prescribing mint tea as an effective love brew? Other uses of a hot cup of mint tea include simply settling your stomach and inducing digestion, helping you avoid heartburn and other digestive concerns.
  • Anise. Found in abundance in anise is anethole, a phytochemical similar to estrogen. Traditional or folk uses of anise include increasing a woman’s sex drive and helping in male libido issues. You may add star anise to your curry recipe, or sprinkle crushed anise over your cream or rice pudding. It has smart and flexible uses in the kitchen and beyond.

Have you tried these libido-enhancing foods yet? Keep posted for more news on breast enhancement and sexual health news and reviews!

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