Natural Breast Growth? Here Are Breast Massage, Creams, and Pills
Natural Breast Growth? Here Are Breast Massage, Creams, and Pills
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The best breast enhancement techniques today are no longer a mystery, especially with the rise of self-applied breast augmentation products that offer themselves as an alternative to implants or surgery.  You can increase the size of your breasts – and improve their shape and firmness – through various natural methods.

One such method is breast massage, which works magic just like body massage. It helps boost healthy breast growth and facilitates breast toning, in addition to making them flexible and firm. You create a fantastic-looking bust this way because of the shaping, toning, and breast growth that are encouraged in the area surrounding your delicate lady blossoms.

The benefits of breast massage, though, go beyond cosmetic – it can indicate the general health of your breasts. By regularly massaging your breasts, you become aware of any lumps or abnormal conditions that may indicate breast cancer. Breast massage is, in fact, a much-recommended way to help prevent this highly prevalent disease among women.
Beauty salons and massage parlors have long begun breast massage as a healthy form of lymphatic drainage or breast growth. The very same technique has also been used as a post-operative therapy for women who have undergone breast surgery, mastectomies, as well as distressed areas around their breasts. Just like other forms of body massage, this technique stimulates tissue regeneration and healing.

A significant number of women improve the efficacy of breast massage by using special herbal creams for breast augmentation. This combination helps expand, firm, and tone their breasts, especially repairing sagging or out-of-shape breasts. Saw palmetto, for instance, is a highly popular herbal ingredient for this purpose. Not far behind are fennel seed, fenugreek extract, soy, dandelion, and blessed thistle.

Said to also do the breast enhancement trick are onions, wherein fresh onion juice is mixed with honey and turmeric in powder form to help enlarge or improve the appearance of breasts. After your breasts have been massaged with this natural mixture, you may be advised to wear a bra throughout the day and overnight.

Supplemental products for breasts also include pills, lotions, soaps, and aromatic candles. Many claim that their breast growth pills are doing a good job of making their breasts bigger, although it is still disputed whether this is temporary or permanent. Some claim, for instance, that your breast size will return to their previous size once pill use is stopped.
Manufacturers behind these products promote a bigger cup size within weeks to months of use. Herbal tablets, for one, are said to contain ingredients that stimulate the estrogen receptors in breast tissue to permanently enlarge the breasts.

Manufacturers’ claims also have it that these breast enhancement pills stimulate estrogen production in your body the same way estrogen is produced during pregnancy. Your breasts are projected to enlarge just like they would during pregnancy, although without the production of milk. More than effectiveness, safety is of supreme concern when using these products that promote themselves as “natural? breast –enhancing wonder.

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