Learn What Makes Your Breasts Grow Bigger
Learn What Makes Your Breasts Grow Bigger
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There are several factors that affect breast growth, and it’s possible to learn more about these factors to achieve natural breast enhancement, or without surgery or dangerous invasive procedures.

Learn more about the phases in your life where your breasts tend to grow fuller and bigger:

  • Puberty and Menstruation – This is perhaps the most obvious reason behind breast enhancement: your ovaries start to produce estrogen at this time, and this hormone causes fat to accumulate in your breasts. This fat causes your breasts to grow outwards until reaching adult size. After you start having your menstrual periods, you may experience temporary breast swelling during those times of the month when you’re about to begin menstruating. This short-term breast growth occurs because of glands in your bust that grow bigger during pregnancy. Expect your breasts to return to their normal size once menstruation begins.
  • Pregnancy and Birth Control – When you’re pregnant, the hormone progesterone gets your breasts ready for milk production. Your breasts grow larger because of additional fat and swollen milk glands. While mothers breastfeed their infants, their breasts stay enlarged. Once they wean their babies off breast milk, their breasts usually return to their normal size, or maybe even get smaller. A hormonal form of contraception, on the other hand, can also make your breasts larger because of their hormones that mimic the effects of pregnancy. Birth control pills are an example. Fluid retention also causes a side effect, which is breast swelling.
  • Weight Gain – Your breasts contain fat, so if you gain weight in the form of fatty tissue, your breasts have a good chance of growing bigger as well.
  • Breast Exercises – Exercise can contribute to either decreasing or increasing breast size. Exercising to shed excess pounds can decrease breast size by burning off fatty tissue, while working out the pectoral muscles underneath your breasts can counteract this effect, because larger pectoral muscles provide the look of larger, fuller breasts. Your bust also appears firmer because of strong pecs. Some of the exercises you can do to strengthen your pecs include push-ups, chest presses, chest flies, and incline presses.

Meanwhile, breast enhancement cream and pill products contain a mix of herbs and nutrients that work together to make your breasts firmer, fuller, and more lifted in a matter of weeks to months. The results are largely individual in nature, so it’s not totally reliable comparing your results to others. For the best course of natural potential treatment, ask your doctor, too.

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