L-Tyrosine: Breast Enlargement and Other Purported Benefits
L-Tyrosine: Breast Enlargement and Other Purported Benefits
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Have you heard about L-tyrosine as an ingredient in breast enlargement pills? This non-essential amino acid (meaning your own body is able to produce it) has been promoted to serve a number of benefits.

L-tyrosine is synthesized in your body by another amino acid, which is called phenylalanine. It is involved in producing several neurotransmitters, among them epinephrine, serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine.

L-tyrosine is also partly involved in the generation of melanin, the hormone that produced your body’s pigment.

Here are some purported benefits of L-tyrosine. You should remember, though, that it is not a proven medical potential treatment for any given health condition.

  • Breast enlargement – Found in lean meats and dairy products, L-tyrosine is a protein building block and provides weight aid. It is incorporated in a number of breast enlargement products, including supplements. These are promoted to help increase breast size (they say you will see an increase in cup size eventually) in a number of weeks to months.
  • Phenylketonuria – L-tyrosine appears to show benefits in addressing phenylketonuria, a genetic condition where your body is unable to process phenylalanine, an amino acid. The University of Maryland Medical Center says that this health issue can become severe and eventually lead to brain damage. Patients with phenylketonuria cannot consume phenylalanine, which is why they may be deficient in tyrosine (made from phenylalanine). L-tyrosine has demonstrated benefits concerning this condition, but it should come from a specially formulated protein supplement.
  • Depression – L-tyrosine is also commonly taken to address cases of depression. It is said to have a positive mood effect since it plays a role in the generation of neurotransmitters, which is why it is also taken for premenstrual syndrome or PMS. Serotonin, a neurotransmitter, specifically plays a role in mood improvement. You must note, though, that early studies on L-tyrosine for helping depression have not shown any conclusive evidence of effectiveness.
  • Managing stress – L-tyrosine has a role in the production of two stress hormones, namely epinephrine and norepinephrine. This has led researchers to delve into its potential benefits in stress management. early animal and human data have been cited because they suggest that L-tyrosine might possibly help improve memory and overall function during psychological stress. Confirming these findings, though, need additional investigation.
  • Better athletic performance – It is common for athletes to take L-tyrosine for enhanced performance. This is attributed to L-tyrosine’s role in building protein and producing neurotransmitters. Remember again, though, there is no scientific proof that L-tyrosine truly yields this energy benefit.

As for helping increase breast size, breast enlargement pills contain not only L-tyrosine, but in fact more active ingredients like herbal extracts: fennel seed, fenugreek, saw palmetto, damiana, Mexican wild yam, kelp, and many others. Many of these are said to have estrogenic properties to help incite breast tissue growth over time.

Results of using these products vary widely, a cup size increase from weeks to even a year. This method, however, is non-invasive and more affordable when compared to getting breast implants, the most common of which are silicone-made.

Keep posted for more news and reviews of breast enhancement ingredients and products!

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