Increasing Breast Size Through Your Bra
Increasing Breast Size Through Your Bra
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Wearing the right bra can do wonders for the appearance of your breasts and, in turn, your self-confidence. It creates cleavage, uplifts, and enhances contour. Bra shopping has therefore become a selection process that needs plenty of attention. The unfortunate fact, though, is that the majority of American women wear the wrong bra size – and this affects the way their breasts look, as well as their level of comfort.

Successfully increasing your breast size using a bra requires proper fitting, and then proper padding. Here are steps to properly measure your breast size:

  1. Wrap the measuring tape around your rib cage, just below your breasts and at the intersection of where your breasts rise from your body. The measuring tape should be parallel to the ground in both front and back. Breathe regularly, and write down the measurement. You will base the correct band size on this measurement.
  2. Wearing your most comfortable bra, look into the mirror and make sure no overflow is present. Your breast should fill, not overflow, the bra cup. If necessary, adjust the band. If one breast is bigger than the other, pad the looser cup – this will make the breast size even.
  3. Adjust the bra straps such that when standing with your arms down, your breasts fall halfway between your shoulders and elbows.
  4. Wrap the measuring tape around your torso, at the fullest section of your breasts – this typically includes the tips of your nipples. Breathe regularly again. Write down the measurement, which is where you will base your cup size.
  5. Subtract the first measurement from the second.
  6. Determine the right cup size using this conversion chart:

    <1 inch difference = AA cup size

    1 inch difference = A cup size

    2 inch difference = B cup size

    3 inch difference = C cup size

    4 inch difference = D cup size

    5 inch difference = DD or E cup size
  7. Return to your first measurement. For an even number, add four inches. For an odd one, add five inches. This will be the right band size for you.

As for the bra padding, try on the indicated bra size. Place one gel breast enhancer in front of each of your breasts, between your nipple and the front of your bra (for heightened contour). You can also position one gel breast enhancer on the side of each breast, between your breast and the bra, for better cleavage. Finally, choose one cup size larger if gel inserts make the bra fit too snugly.

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