How to Avoid Breast Implant Disasters
How to Avoid Breast Implant Disasters
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There are ways you can protect yourself from the horrors of breast implant surgery, which is known today as the fastest yet most costly breast enhancement method. Surely, breast enhancement pills won’t compare when it comes to the speed at which you achieve breast growth. But beware, because breast implants come at a dear price for your health and safety if you’re not being careful.

There are plenty of stories, pictures, and official reports and documents of breast implants gone bad. The results are truly shocking, because the effects range from scars to ruined breast shapes. If you were the victim, you would be left with no choice but to come forward and tell your story as well. Here are some cases:

  • Suffering multiple revision surgeries, which ended up in a far worse condition than they originally had.
  • Serious infections from breast implant surgery, which led to severe health conditions that sidelined patients for months.
  • Ruptured silicone implants, probably the most known complaints as months and years went by after a surgery. Remember: implants are not meant to last a lifetime, which makes multiple procedures necessary.
  • Infections and other adverse effects from ruptured implants

But there’s a way you can avoid being parts of the statistics. The first and most commonsense approach would be to work with a doctor you’re comfortable with, and someone who has the right credentials and experience for the breast implantation job. It’s nice to get a discount, but you should be worried about a price that’s too good to be true. You can determine a doctor’s credibility by looking at his track record, certifications, license and recognitions, and other proof that he has a high rate of success in performing breast surgery.

Here are other tips:

  1. Find the best type of breast implant for you, whether it’s silicone, saline or another type.
  2. Implants are not meant to last forever – you have no choice but to do the follow-up surgeries after years to keep your breasts healthy and good-looking.
  3. Be 100% sure about getting breast implants, because they can also interfere with breast screenings like mammograms and CT scans.
  4. Ask your doctor all the questions you have in mind, and reveal your medical history and risk factors in order for the surgeon to know you and prepare you best for the operation.

If you’re not keen on getting breast implants, you may explore breast enhancement solutions like herbal pills and creams, of course in discussion with your doctor for best results.

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