How Do Breast Implants Affect Breastfeeding?
How Do Breast Implants Affect Breastfeeding?
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Breast implant surgery has become a common surgical procedure in the United States, as it is able to provide instant breast enlargement for women. And it’s done not just out of cosmetic purposes, but also due to health factors such as breast cancer (patients get breast implants after their original breasts are removed). But with this surgery comes the possibility of having less ability to breastfeed and nourish your baby, so take note of these reminders.

Breastfeeding is an important and the most natural way to provide nourishment for your baby. Breast milk offers perfect nutrition and allows an infant to benefit from her mother’s immune system. The act provides an instant emotional connection between the mother and the child, as well as feelings of intense bonding and accomplishment.

There is much talk about how a woman’s ability to breastfeed changes after she gets breast implants. Many women are still able to do the feeding, although problems or complicates may arise when there is limited ability. In a study, a 25 percent decrease in breastfeeding ability in women who recently had implants compared to a control group. Some were able to breastfeed, but others had to use breast milk formula. In a separate study, 67 percent of women had an inadequate breast milk supply.

Although there are few common side effects, there are potential problems in breastfeeding after having breast implants. Here are some of them:

  1. Loss of nipple sensitivity, where women with no feeling in their nipples might have problems with their latches, and their body might miss the signals of the breasts to make milk.
  2. The milk glands could be damaged or removed if there is a significant amount of breast tissue removed before implants.
  3. Surgical scars, implant size, and surgical complications can affect quality and amount of breastfeeding.

Just what are the possible solutions here? If your milk ducts and glands are damaged during surgery (or because of infection), it may be tough finding any way to restore milk supply. But for those with low milk supply or less sensitivity (but without significant duct damage), they can pump breast milk after each feeding until their breast is completely empty. It is possibly a trial and error process.

If you have breast implants, you are also at risk for mastitis, a painful breast infection, as well as blocked milk ducts. If you have implants and you are trying to breastfeed, you may also have more pain, fever, and chills compared to women with natural breasts.

This makes it very important to make an informed decision when it comes to breast enlargement. if you are worried about the cost and consequences of breast implant surgery, you can use herbal supplementation for natural breast growth over time.

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