Here’s What Happens During Breast Enhancement Surgery

Here’s What Happens During Breast Enhancement Surgery
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Have you ever wondered how breast enhancement surgery is done? Prior to the operation, you will undergo several physical and lab examinations to determine your state of health and if you’re a good candidate for the procedure. Once you’re set, your surgeon will give you pre-operative reminders.

Here are the three different parts of the procedure:

  1. Getting ready for surgery – Once you arrive at the surgery location (private doctor’s office or surgery room, or a hospital room), you will change into a hospital gown and your surgeon will use a marker to indicate where the incisions for the implants will be made. You will be scrubbed with an antimicrobial soap as well. You’ll be hooked up to different monitors for the team to see your heart rate, blood pressure, and other vitamin signs. A pulse oximeter may be clipped onto your finger, and your legs may be positioned in inflatable plastic compression. An IV line will be inserted on the inside of your hand or elbow. For the anesthesia, you may be put under general or location anesthesia or conscious sedation.
  2. Surgery proper – Your surgeon will create incisions for your breast implant, and he will create a pocket behind your breast tissue based on the placement position of the implant that you agreed on. After the pocket is created, the implant will be inserted. For those will small breasts or with implants inserted after a mastectomy, a tissue expander may be needed for a time before you get your permanent implants. A tissue expander allows for the stretching of the breast and makes room for the implant.

    Once the breast implants are put in place, the surgeon will check for symmetry and put you in an upright position to see how your breasts look like when you are seated. Your doctor will close the incisions and typically apply a dressing to protect your wounds, reduce swelling, and keep the tissue and implant secure in place.
  3. Post-operation – Once the surgery is done, you will be awakened and moved to the recovery room. You may feel groggy. After a couple of hours, you will be allowed to go home if everything looks well after the final check. It is crucial that someone drive you home and stay with you overnight. Avoid any drastic movement and carrying heavy objects. Naturally you will have return visits to your doctor.

If you’re not keen on getting breast implants, there is a natural breast enhancement product that you can explore. One of these are breast enhancement pills that offer a mix of herbs and nutrients that synergistically work to incite breast growth over a period of time.

Keep posted for more practical breast enlargement news and reviews!

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