Have You Heard of the ‘Cleavage Facial’?
Have You Heard of the ‘Cleavage Facial’?
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Technology has made it so easy these days for you to “perk up” your breasts, beautify them, or radically enlarge them. Breast enhancement may come with a price, but so many are willing to pay for it and the instant results it brings. One of these innovations is all the rage in Hollywood, and it’s called the “Cleavage Facial.”

According to the Daily Mail, celebrities have been doing the cleavage facial for a long time. In fact, one can’t get an appointment in Los Angeles during Oscars season because many actresses are having facials – not on their face, on their bosom. Beauty salons in the United Kingdom are also offering this luscious service.

There’s something called the Rose Potential Treatment, which is intended for the entire body but is focused around the cleavage area. Founded and director Shula Starkey says that she herself uses this rose oil-based potential treatment, which smoothes wrinkles, heals rough and damaged skin, and executes a gentle exfoliation.

There’s a soothing massage done around your dÈcolletage to help improve lymphatic drainage around the area and leave your cleavage looking gorgeous. Instant results are shown after the potential treatment, which takes about an hour.

Other trendy breast enhancement methods used today include Botox boob job, CO2 potential treatments, electric acupuncture, fat injections, and breast fillers. There’s also such a thing called accent radiofrequency, which is a body remodeling potential treatment claimed to be best on the breast area. It is able to change the shape of fat cells, shrink and remodel connective tissue, and therefore erase wrinkles “and turn back the clock on an ageing cleavage.”

There’s also something simpler to beautify your bosom: there are breast enhancement cream products available to give your breasts a boost. Moisture-rich lotions filled with herbal ingredients and nutraceuticals address sagging and help naturally increase breast size.

Here’s how they work: there are non-hormonal ingredients used in cosmetics that are intended to penetrate the skin to boost growth of targeted adipose tissues such as those in breasts, cheeks, and buttocks. There are plant extracts that make the ingredients more potent, and the overall formulation targets growth, adipocytes’ proliferation, and storage of lipids in all target areas.

Among the potent herbal ingredients of these breast enhancement creams – along with breast enlargement pills – include fenugreek, saw palmetto, fennel seed, wild yam Mexican root, and many more.

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