Foods and Exercises for Breast Enhancement
Foods and Exercises for Breast Enhancement
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Contrary to what promoters of instant breast implants tell you, there are natural ways to achieve breast enhancement successfully over time. These include paying attention to the foods you eat and the exercises you do. It wouldn’t hurt, too, if there’s a natural breast enhancement product you can rely on!

It’s still a mystery why there are small, underdeveloped breasts among adult women. But it has been speculated that there are caused by a reduction in estrogen in the female body, along with a testosterone increase. Certain foods can address this issue and have estrogenic effects:

  • Consume plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits, along with whole grains. This will prevent the overproduction of testosterone, which inhibits natural increase in breast size.
  • Eat soybeans, kidney beans, and peas, which are known sources of plant estrogen. Estrogenic foods enhance your natural production of the hormone that makes growth of breast tissue possible over time.
  • Add fresh, preferably organically grown herbs to your daily regimen to complement the foods you eat. For example, saw palmetto has been reported to help distribute good fats from your food to your breasts. Fennel, too, helps increase milk production in lactating mothers, making their breasts appear bigger. Other herbs helpful in this goal include wild yam and fenugreek.

As for exercise, there are workouts you can do to naturally promote breast enlargement. Here are three steps to take:

  1. Hold a five-pound weight in each hand, doing it while sitting in a straight-back chair. Let your arms dangle at your sides, your back straight. Lift the weights outward until your arms align with your shoulder line. Hold within five counts. Release and return to your starting position. Do three sets with five repetitions each daily.
  2. Do pushups regularly to help build chest muscle. Place your palms flat, with your elbows bent at shoulder level, while you lie on your stomach. Straighten your legs behind you or rest your knees on the floor while keeping your back straight. Lift yourself up with your palms, then hold for three counts. Go back to starting position by lowering your body. Repeat the steps for two to three set with five repetitions each.
  3. Lie on your back on a low table or bench. 3. Hold a five-pound weight in each hand, your arms outstretched beside you and parallel with your shoulders. Gradually lift your weight up above you until your arms meet. Make sure, however, that they stay straight. Return your arms to starting position, then repeat for three sets with 10 repetitions each.
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