Exercises for Breast Enhancement Benefits
Exercises for Breast Enhancement Benefits
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Perhaps you’re considering breast enhancement right now. Maybe you’re not so keen on undergoing surgery, and encouraged by breast enhancement pills and creams instead. How about breast exercises that can spell a “bigger” future for your lady blossoms?

Pectoral strengthening exercises are promoted to permanently enhance your breasts. The key is performing them consistently and in the correct form. Here are some examples you might want to try:

  • Push-ups – This classic exercise provides benefits not only for toning and losing pounds, but also for your strengthening your pecs. You can modify them according to your fitness level, changing the intensity and form as you gain strength. The standard push-up is performed on your hands and feet, with your back in a straight line. Start with your feet together, your hands directly below your shoulders. Bend your arms to lower your body until your arms create a 90-degree angle. Straighten your arms to return to starting position; continue until you cannot complete another push-up.

    There is a way you can make this standard form easier, which is starting on your knees instead of your feet. Heighten the challenge by moving your hands further apart, or closer together. An advanced push-up form is called the single-leg push-up, where you start with your right leg lifted a few inches off the ground.

  • Decline Barbell Press – This exercise is done on an inverted bench, where starting in the decline position allows increasing the challenge on your chest muscles. Here’s what to do: lie on the bench with your head on the lowest end, and then hold a barbell directly over your chest (your arms should be straight). Have someone stand behind you while exercising as a spotter that will ensure safety. In a controlled way, lower the weight to your chest. Press the weight back up. Two to three sets of 6 to 8 repetitions can be performed.

  • Torso Rotations – This exercise also makes use of a barbell to help strengthen your chest muscles. Here’s how to do it: place one end of the barbell in a corner that will stabilize the weight. Place the weight on the top of the barbell that you’ll be holding. Stand upright while holding the top of the barbell with both hands. Keep your feet hip-width apart while doing the exercise to spell balance. Shift your body weight into your right foot while you move the barbell to the right side of your body. Slowly, move your weight and the barbell to the left side. Your feet and hips should remain pointed forward during the exercise. Ideally, do perform two to three sets of 6 to 8 repetitions.
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