Essential Oils for Breast Enhancement
Essential Oils for Breast Enhancement
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Natural breast enhancement takes a number of many different forms, including the best breast enhancement cream and pill products. If you are one of many women today who have bigger, fuller-looking breasts as one of your beauty and wellness goals, have you tried essential oils just yet? Used for many different aspects of health, essential oils technically cannot make small breasts grow. However, it can make them appear fuller and firmer, and can also assist in improving the appearance of age-related saggy breasts. During pregnancy, they also prevent stretch marks from bust size fluctuations.

Here are some essential oil ideas you can consider for your breast enhancement target:

  • Warm breast massage oil – You can blend a number of different herbal oils. In this particular concoction, blend clary safe, lemongrass, and fennel oils together with geranium in a base of jojoba oil. Massage the mixture into your breasts, going in a circular motion, every day. To achieve best results, apply this oil after doing breast enhancement exercises such as chest press, chest fly, and push-up, as doing so will bring further breast lift.
  • Cold breast massage oil – In this breast massage mix, you massage your breasts with an ice cup while you sit in a warm bath. Making an ice cup is easy: freeze a paper cup filled with water, rip an inch off the top, and use as handle the rest of the cup. For ice that’s too cold, splash your breasts with cold water coming from the tap instead. Post-ice potential treatment, massage in a therapeutic oil made from cypress, lemongrass, and spearmint oils, which are mixed with black pepper oil in a base of jojoba oil. Your breasts can reap firmness and fullness benefits with this combination of ice massage and essential oils.
  • Cold water breast splash – Here’s how to do this: dilute cypress oil in witch hazel, adding the resulting mixture to a bowl of cold water. Splash each of you breasts with the cold water mix, doing it for at least 10times. Your breast tissue will contract with this combination of cold water and essential oils, making your breasts appear more lifted and firmer.

Did you know that the best breast enhancement cream comes right from your own home? Here’s a good recipe. Shea butter, a natural moisturizer made from an African tree nut, can be used to moisturize the skin around your breasts when combined with jojoba oil. You can add to this mix a combination of essential oils like clary safe and angelica, added to parsley, spearmint, and hop. Breast fullness and firmness can be naturally obtained this way. Make shea butter creamy by melting it in your microwave, and then add the jojoba oil and the essential oils. Blend using a hand blender as it cools.

If you hardly have time to make essential oil recipes for breast enhancement, you can simply seek high-quality supplementation, either in cream or pill form. They are also formulated using beneficial herbs and nutrients that can potentially provide breast tissue growth efficiently over time.

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