Don’t Forget These Simple Breast Care Tips
Don’t Forget These Simple Breast Care Tips
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Your breasts serve not just an aesthetic purpose. They also play a crucial role in sex and reproduction, and they feed a hungry baby (the purpose of lactation). But to maximize these breast benefits, you should be able to implement a regular breast care routine.

So before we go to breast enhancement, let’s take a look at these natural breast care tips:

  1. Do breast massage. This has been tested for centuries now. Do breast massage very gently to reap the benefits: rub your hand together to warm them, placing one hand over each breast with nipple resting between your thumb and forefinger. Rotate your breasts gently upward, outward, and inward. Do this about 24times. Four fingers should be used to rub your breast circularly, and to gently rub your nipple and areola in the same circular movement.
  2. Eat healthy. Certain dietary issues make your breasts very sore or tender, especially right before menstruation.
  3. Exercise regularly. Exercises that specifically target breast care can provide comfort or relief if your breasts are tender pre-menstrually. The reason: working out stimulates your breast tissue and help it drain excess fluids out through the lymph nodes in your armpits.
  4. Wear your bra right. This rather simple matter can contribute greatly to your breast health. Did you know, in fact, that a link between bras and breast cancer has been made in studies? Groups that didn’t wear bras also had the lowest incidence of breast cancer. Your bra should never restrict the natural movement of your breasts and the drainage of toxins out of them. Use cotton bras instead of underwire or push-up ones.
  5. Perform regular breast self-examination. BSE is very important to be done routinely yet gently. There are plenty of resources online to teach you how to examine your breasts while sitting down or lying.

If you’re already regularly checking your breast health but are still concerned about breast enhancement, you can take the natural route via herbal supplementation, since many herbs have natural estrogenic properties to enlarge your lady blossoms over time. Talk to your doctor to get the best, safest results out of these self-applied methods.

Keep posted for more practical and relevant breast enlargement news and reviews.

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