Do You Need Breast Lift?
Do You Need Breast Lift?
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Breast lift, also known as mastopexy surgery, is a secondary bust enhancement procedure that aims to raise and firm your breasts by removing excess skin and tightening surrounding tissue to reshape and support the new breast contour. But how is this done, and are you a good candidate for this procedure?

Breast lift is done because a woman’s breasts change over time, losing its youthful look and firmness. The loss of skin elasticity and various other changes can be caused by factors such as aging, pregnancy, breastfeeding, gravity, weight changes, and even genetics. Additionally, breast lift can address the enlargement of your areola as well.

Know, however, that breast lift cannot substantially increase your bust size, or round out the upper breasts. It is therefore suggested that if you’re looking into bigger, fuller, and younger-looking breasts, a combination of breast lift and bust enhancement surgery should be done. Those will overly big breasts, on the other hand, can seek breast lift and breast reduction surgery.

You can consider yourself a good candidate for breast lift if you have the following characteristics:

  • A non-smoker
  • Optimally healthy and within ideal weight range
  • Have flatter, elongated breasts
  • Have nipples falling below the breast crease when unsupported
  • Have enlarged areolas (and stretched skin)
  • Have uneven breasts

It will be your surgeon who will evaluate your general health status and will identify any underlying condition that can potentially get in the way. He or she will make a physical examination of your breasts, take measurements, evaluate skin quality and nipple/areola placement, and design the best possible surgical and post-surgical potential treatment and support.

Preparations for breast lift surgery include getting a baseline mammogram before and after surgery, stopping smoking, and stopping intake of aspirins and medications that may increase bleeding. Listen to your surgeon for what to do before, during, and after surgery, and what follow-up care routine to do. Your operation may take place in an office-based surgical facility, an outpatient clinic, or a hospital. It is best to have someone accompany you or drive for you after surgery.

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