Dealing with Post-Operative Breast Pain

Dealing with Post-Operative Breast Pain
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If you are seeking breast augmentation surgery, you should know the various things that can happen before, during, and after the surgery. For instance, some pain is normal after the operation and is usually accompanied by swelling, bruising, and numbness. Stagnant pain – which does not go away – can indicate an underlying mild to severe complication and may need further attention. Here are a number of things you need to know about breast pain after surgery.

Normal, Or Signaling a Complication?

You might experience bruising in and around your breasts after breast implant surgery. Additionally, if your implant was placed below the pectoralis muscle, will see and feel swelling for two to 12weeks. If it is above the muscle, the swelling might last up to two weeks.

Numbness, on the other hand, can pass quickly and can leave at one to two weeks. Overall discomfort, too, can last one to two weeks, and there could be up to moderate discomfort if your breast implants are above the muscle. Severe discomfort, finally, can last one to two weeks if the implants are below.

Even if these are considered normal, you should still stay on the lookout for complications and symptoms. Capsular contracture, for instance, is a common one. It is the hardening of scar tissue around your implant, and it has four grades varying in their involvement of treatment. It is characterized by mild to severe pain, and there could be the appearance of round ball-shaped breasts looking different form each other. There could also be firmness.

Raptures can occur as well. They are caused by numerous factors such as implant aging and defect. An infection could also be the cause, and would therefore require implant removal. If you have silicone implants, there could be tenderness, pain, burning, tingling, lumps, and uneven or decreased breast size. If you have saline implants, the signs could be breast rash, chest pain, and breast size changes.

There are other potential breast implant complications involving improper breast size and implant placement. For instance, improper size can cause pain and can be remedied through removing the current implant and inserting a smaller cup.

Warnings and Considerations

Here are two other things to consider:

  1. Pre-existing health conditions can increase your risk for post-operative complications. These can range from heart disease to diabetes. Furthermore, smoking can increase your risks for complications.
  2. Breast implants can rupture any time, and the older they get, the more likely they are to leak or break. They should be removed as quickly as possible once they have ruptured.

If you are concerned about the risks and complications of breast augmentation surgery and are limited by its costs, you can explore other breast enhancement techniques, such as supplementation. Read more about it on this site!

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