Breast Problems During Breastfeeding
Breast Problems During Breastfeeding
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Proper breast care is at its most important during certain phases of a woman’s life, such as during lactation or breastfeeding. More than the issue of sagging breasts (that may entail breast enhancement procedures), there could be a number of breast problems that can occur during this period.

Here are some breast concerns to watch out for while you’re breastfeeding:

  • Soreness of the nipples. A small amount of nipple pain is normal once you begin to breastfeed your baby. To address it, place a warm, wet compress on your nipples. You may also experience soreness if your baby doesn’t latch on to your breast correctly, so try to implement correct positioning and latch-on. A caregiver may help you do this correctly.
  • Engorgement – This is when your breasts may become swollen – and even painful – as your milk comes in once you begin breastfeeding your baby. It may also happen if you miss a feeding. Decrease engorgement symptoms by emptying your breasts of milk through feeding as often as possible. Decrease pain and swelling, too, through using cold compresses, ice packs, or gel packs.
  • Plugged milk ducts – This problem, which may be caused by not emptying your breasts completely during feedings, can cause painful breast lumps. To address it, massage and gently squeeze your breast when your baby pauses during breastfeeding. Pump out any remaining milk in your breast, and avoid wearing underwire bras or tight breast clothing.
  • A range of breast infections – Mastitis, an infection that causes your breasts to become red, swollen, and painful, can result from engorgement and plugged milk ducts. Flu-like symptoms such as fever and chills may also manifest. Decrease the pain by placing heat on your breasts, or placing a moist, warm cloth on the painful part. Antibiotics or NSAIDs may also be prescribed to provide relief.

Breastfeeding is a special and critical time in your and your baby’s lives – don’t let these potential conditions get in the way of enjoying it. The post-breastfeeding phase may involve breast sagging, and there are women who opt for breast enhancement surgery. Breast enhancement creams and pills may assist in bringing back the fullness and old health of your bust.

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