Breast Enlargement News: Yes to Protein, No to Caffeine
Breast Enlargement News: Yes to Protein, No to Caffeine
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Breast enlargement through the natural route doesn’t happen overnight. But you can steer your diet to favor your cause, and in a couple of weeks and months you can see a number of results. Here are two dietary recommendations if you want bigger, fuller, and more toned breasts.

The Role of Protein

It has been found in studies that those with the highest success of using breast growth supplements and other products are those who actually controlled their carbohydrate intake while on supplementation. It was discovered that those with a higher protein consumption improved their body’s absorption and utilization of the breast-enhancing properties of the product.

There are two main kinds of protein provided by your diet:

  • Complete protein – This has adequate amounts of the nine essential amino acids you need. Sources of complete protein include chicken, fish, eggs, whole milk, beef, soy, and fish. Half of your daily protein requirement can be met by serving just chicken or beef the size of a deck of cards.
  • Incomplete protein – This contains some, not all, amino acids necessary for your body. Examples of incomplete protein include rice, beans, and whole wheat. Most foods like dairy, grains, and vegetables contain a certain protein level.

You can optimize your protein by taking a healthy protein shake or protein bars, in addition to meat and dairy products that are from clean, organic sources. They’re nutritious and keep you going after a strenuous workout.

Maybe You Should Avoid Caffeine

This is awful news for you if you’re a coffee lover, but maybe you should take it easy with your daily cup: caffeine can interfere with the process of increasing breast size. It does so by throwing off the balance in your hormones, which in turn renders your breast growth product ineffective.

What you should do is continue to properly hydrate yourself with pure, clear water – your beverage of choice. This will be a good move for your overall health as well, because sugar-laced beverages will do no good to your system.

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