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Overall Success Rate: 98%

Last Reviewed: December 12, 2013

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Natural Breast enhancement is becoming a big business and the manufactures of Clevagen are now one of the leading companies offering this break through technology.

Today, breast implant or augmentation surgery is on the decline in large part because of companies like Clevagen which offer safe and proven alternatives to risky and painful surgery for women who desire larger breasts.  Safety, value and effectiveness are the number one reasons why herbal breast enhancers are now more popular than ever.  One of the most effective herbal breast enhancement products that you can find now on the market is Clevagen.

What is Inside Clevagen?

Clevagen is an amazing product that uses a powerful herbal formulation to naturally increases your breast size. The complete Clevagen therapy system comprises of both pills and topical creams. The main attribute with Clevagen cream is that it contains a powerful and proven new ingredient called Volufiline.

How it Works

For those who do not know, Volufiline is actually a non-hormonal ingredient used in cosmetics made specially for penetrating the skin to boost the growth of targeted adipose tissues such as those in cheeks, buttocks, and breasts. It is the mixture of a plant extract called sarsasapogenin, taken from Anemarrhenae asphodeloides’ roots and the hydrogenated polyisobutene, another oil-based excipient, that make this ingredient so potent. This formulation of ingredients targets growth and adipocyte’s proliferation and lipids storage in all target areas.

Clevagen pills also contain potent herbal ingredients that all work as one for breast enhancement, such as fenugreek extract, saw palmetto powder, fennel seed powder, wild yam Mexican root powder and more!

The Result

With all the potent ingredients working together, women have reported larger breasts in a shorter amount of time than all other leading products.  We put this product to the test and very very surprised with the results.

The Verdict

There is a reason that this company and this product, Clevagen Intensive, has shot up the list of top selling natural breast enhancement products.  Clevagen has clinically proven ingredients, great customer service and offers good value for a product this effective.

We have reviewed the best of the best and Clevangen has beat out all other competitors this year for our top natural breast enhancement product.

Clevagen Reviewed by Breast Enlargement Advisor. Rating: 98%

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