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Last Updated: March 12, 2015

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Description: Bountiful Breast is claimed to be an all-natural, non-herbal, breast enlargement pill that stimulates your pituitary gland, your body’s major hormone regulator, to reactivate your body’s natural growth hormones. Created by Avalon Essentials, it is a form of glandular therapy derived from beef cattle. It was found in 1930 by Dr. Lee that the organs could be rejuvenated and healed using specially designed frozen cell extracts.”Like may help with like” is the guiding principle of homeopathy and a tenet of the glandular therapy used in this breast enhancement product. A proprietary method and a combination of nutrients, peptides, and biochemicals that stimulate hormone reproduction make Bountiful Breast possible.

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What Is Inside Bountiful Breast: This breast enhancer is a progesterone-based glandular formulation. Progesterone is a hormone that plays a role in breast enlargement and in the biosynthesis of the adrenal corticosteroids, a deficiency of which can impair body systems and can lead to masculine effects. Progesterone also helps in keeping brain cells healthy, promoting healthy emotions, and increasing libido or sex drive.

How It Works: As the website states: “The aesthetic breast develops in advance of the glandular breast. Early in adolescence, the brain begins secreting regular bursts of hormones that stimulate the body to lay down fat deposits in the breasts. That adipose tissue is suspended in a gelatinous matrix of connective fibers that extend from the muscle of the chest to the underside of the breast skin. Connective tissue can stretch and stretch, to accommodate as much fat as the body inserts between its fibers; the connective tissue’s spring gives the breast its bounce.”

Bountiful Breasts stimulates your body to re-release hormones, which in turn cause an accumulation of fatty breast tissue. This fatty tissue mainly comprises your breasts, held together by connective tissue. All women have an estimate of an equal number of mammary glands. The method employed by Bountiful Breast is said to not cause general body weight gain.

The Result: With the favorable action of progesterone and the biochemicals in the formulation, Bountiful Breast assists in breast enhancement the natural way over time. It stimulates hormone re-release and therefore causes your breast to have an accumulation of fatty tissue that does will not negatively impact your general weight, only your targeted parts.

The Verdict: Bountiful Breast exhibits great promise in the area of breast enhancement. But for it to go beyond merely exciting to absolutely competent and the best choice possible, it should be able to go beyond the hype (patent pending, committed manufacturer, and hormones, hormones, hormones) to show that it is indeed safe and effective. Instead of hormones, too, we would like to focus on herbal extracts for our breast growth targets.

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