At-Home Breast Enlargement Remedies

At-Home Breast Enlargement Remedies
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Breast enlargement equates not just with silicone implants, but also with natural solutions that can work over time. In fact, there are ancient wisdoms that still apply to the present where achieving bigger, fuller breasts are concerned.

Once you have talked to your healthcare provider (especially if you have an existing health condition that you’re taking medications for), you might want to give these three at-home remedies a try for your Big Breast goals:

  • Breast enhancement pills and teas. There are literally hundreds of breast enhancement formulas available in physical stores and on online merchant sites alike. Their selling proposition: natural components, mostly herbal extracts and ingredients like fennel seed, fenugreek, saw palmetto, damiana, and many more. Apart from pill products, there is a supplement called “Bustea” and it combines fenugreek with other herbs. According to herbalist James Duke, the trick is diosgenin, a phytochemical similar to estrogen or the female hormone. This recipe combines fenugreek sprouts with two cups of water, anise, basil, caraway, licorice, marjoram, dill, fennel, and lemongrass. Bring the mixture to a boil, and add honey and lemon to taste after it cools. Bustea can be consumed in one to two cups daily. But remember that fenugreek may interfere with diabetes and blood clotting medications – it is necessary to consult your doctor before starting fenugreek/herbal remedy if you are under any prescription.
  • Herbal creams and salve. Of course, there may be individuals who dislike the flavor of herbs like fenugreek. If this is the case, there are products that can be rubbed in. They can work their magic because breast tissue has the ability to absorb an amount of these phytochemicals. For instance, you can grind fenugreek shoots and seeds in a blender and add vegetable oil to create a paste. You can also turn wild yam into a paste by peeling off the outer bark, mashing the inner root to a pulp, and massaging the salve into your breasts every day. If you’re a busy woman, you may also try a breast cream with a good mix of these herbal extracts. As these ingredients may interfere with any current medication, ask your healthcare provider before trying them.
  • Creative visualization. This is an emerging tool that deserves attention. This is done rather literally: you can imagine your breasts bigger, fuller, and more attractive. According to women’s health expert and author Christiane Northrup, there are four studies where women used creative visualization – along with hypnotism – as breast enhancers, and these techniques helped increase their bust by as much as two cup sizes. You can buy hypnosis CDs and tools online. Additionally, you may record your own guided visualization. Here, you help induce warmth to pulse through your breasts. Merge the pulsing with your heartbeat, and then feel each heartbeat sending energy into your bust. Do this daily.
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