Are You A Good Candidate for Breast Enlargement?
Are You A Good Candidate for Breast Enlargement?
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Breast enlargement surgery is among the most common procedures done yearly by American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery members. Patients choose to undergo breast augmentation for a number of reasons, such as for personal reasons – breasts are too small, are underdeveloped, or changed in appearance after pregnancy or breastfeeding. Some women have an already good set of breasts, yet want to make them fuller and more attractive in appearance.

Surgery that’s done to increase breast size is performed by cosmetic plastic surgeons usually to improve breast size and shape. Breast implants not only improve proportions, but also a patient’s self-confidence. But are you truly a good candidate for breast enlargement?

One of the following factors may make you a fit for this kind of procedure.

  1. You are bothered by the “smallness” of your breasts
  2. Your clothes usually fit well around the hips, yet are too large at the bustline
  3. Wearing a swimsuit or form-fitting blouse makes you feel uncomfortable orbself-conscious
  4. One of your breasts is noticeably – or distractingly – smaller than the other
  5. Weight loss has altered the way your breasts look

Upon consulting with a qualified surgeon, you will be asked certain questions, including what you feel is important about getting the procedure or what your desired cup size is. This will help the surgeon gauge your expectations and determine if they are realistic.

Upon evaluation, the surgeon will examine your breasts and may even take photos for medical record and comparison. Other factors that are crucial to consider are the existing size and shape of your breasts, skin qualities, placement of your nipples and areolas, and many more. Usually if the breasts are already sagging, the surgeon may recommend a breast lift along with breast augmentation.

Prepare your medical history for the consultation. Information about any past or existing medical conditions, allergies, drug reactions, and medical potential treatments you’ve undergone in the past are bits of information included in this record. You will also be asked about previous surgical potential treatments that have been given to you. You will be asked about the result of your mammograms, if any, or a family history of breast cancer. It is vital for you to provide the answers to these questions.

You have to be fully aware of the consequences of breast enhancement surgery. For instance, did you know that it will be more difficult to take and read mammograms if there are breast implants present? If you are planning to lose weight substantially, too, you should tell your surgeon in order for him or her to recommended stabilizing your weight before surgery, if necessary.

To increase breast size through surgery, though, is no longer your sole option these days. Self-applied, non-surgical methods are now widely available, including breast enlargement supplements and creams that have natural herbal ingredients. Their potent ingredients usually have estrogenic properties to incite breast tissue growth. Some of them also offer other benefits, such as better management of pain and discomfort brought about by PMS. Amazingly, there are a few that offer to heighten a women’s libido. Whatever your choice is, research carefully and assess the safety and efficacy level of a particular product.

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