All About Post-Breast Enlargement Surgery Healing
All About Post-Breast Enlargement Surgery Healing
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Breast enlargement surgery, which uses implants such as silicone, is serious business, where you have to undergo a serious of tests and be evaluated closely by a surgeon. Apart from the operation itself, which is usually just an overnight procedure, you need to take time to rest, recover, and complete the healing process.

There are several measures necessary to minimize your risk of infection after breast enlargement surgery and heal well. Here they are:

  • Avoid any extra activity or movement, because anything that involves force, motion, and abrasion is prohibited. Do not lift heavy objects, do sports, or jump during the healing process, as they will put your incisions or new breast implants under unnecessary and excess stress or strain.
  • Take your prescribed medications, as you will be given, post-surgery, a list of drugs to be applied directly on your scars or taken orally to help in healing or managing pain. These drugs will help reduce the probability of your enhanced breasts getting infected. Spread the topical medication on your scars and breasts to externally heal, or take the oral medication to help you internally heal and get pain relief.
  • Moisturize your breasts, preferably using shea butter. Your breasts can become red, hot, shiny, or somehow inflamed because of the stretching of your skin. Shea butter can help avoid stretch marks later on.
  • Use a support bra, as this will reduce breast movement. The most recommended kind is a sports or athletic bra, which will keep your new breasts as still as they can be to facilitate healing. Avoid wearing a bra lacking proper support to refrain from giving your implants undue stress and strain.
  • Sleep on your back for up to 10 days in order to prevent applying pressure to your breasts through the wrong sleep position. This pressure can result in broken incisions and in turn lead to pain and an additional need to return to your doctor for a check or repair of your incisions.
  • Follow your doctor’s instructions – this is very important for your recovery because these instructions will tell you what to do or avoid. Your individual post-operative care plan involves your age, health condition, and level of physical fitness.

But, of course, not everyone is keen on getting breast implants, whether due to the cost-prohibitive operation or invasive nature of the surgery. But breast enhancement can still be done over time using high-quality products in pill, cream, or gel form.

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